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We offer a bespoke NFT service to help clients develop NFT ventures including collections and white label marketplaces across the blockchain.

We believe in a world which is financially decentralised and the power of dreams to be the core network of humans, not banks and financial slavery. Here are our first collection of Non-Fungible Digital Tokens.


We hope they inspire & empower younger generations to learn about this revolution that humanity is witnessing.

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We want to empower restaurants by redefining the entire landscape, from operations to brand image; we are trying to re-build a new community in the aftermath of the global pandemic.
Digital, virtual and online is the new playground - we invite you to embrace the new world, come play with us…

So how do you claim your custom branded NFT for free and commence your journey into the metaverse and introduce your business to the power of cryptocurrency?
There are already quite a few in the c51 Collection on our OPENSEA profile - CLICK HERE so jump on, take a look and if your NFT is already there, shoot us an email as per below…

If you want one created for you at no cost, once again, just follow the steps below, it’s as easy as 1,2,3…
1. Shoot us an email with your details: your name, email, mobile, business name, website URL, social media links (FB, instagram, twitter, tiktok) -
2. Sit back and relax, we’ll be in touch..
3. We’ll need your METAMASK wallet address once we get back in touch to make the transfer, don’t have one? No problem, see below - THAT’S IT!

**Don’t have a metamask wallet, no problem - CLICK HERE (will take about 10 mins)
** In case you need a bit more info - CLICK HERE
** We use OPENSEA to trade, we hope you do too - CLICK HERE
** Need a hand, shoot us a message CLICK HERE

Why are we giving away free NFT’s?
We are trying to get more people engaged with the meta verse and thinking about non traditional marketing and promotional activities.
Why should I have my brand as an NFT?
It’s all about trying to create brand awareness and promotion, the cheapest way to do that is to giveaway NFT’s away for FREE.
Is there any hidden cost, risk or requirement to share, like or tag anyone?
Absolutely not! It’s a genuine gift with no financial commitment or risk which does not require you to solicit any engagement from any other parties, think of it as a toe in the water opportunity to consider metaverse options for your business and brand.

**If you like what you see and want to create your own branded collection to giveaway to your customers or even sell to your fans, reach out - we can help you create a community, discord & collection….you’ll be minting your own NFT’s before you know it!

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The essence of NFT’s is that they’re non-fungible blockchain assets. I know it’s hard to not think of mushrooms or mouldy feet when the word ‘fungible’ pops up, but trust me, it’s got nothing to do with that.

When you exchange one Bitcoin for another, you’re essentially retaining the same asset just as you would if you exchanged one dollar bill for another dollar bill. Since these assets are fungible, they can be traded one to one without losing any value or changing the nature of the asset. NFTs are a different story. They are unique works that are codified on a blockchain and, therefore, cannot be modified or replicated. Since no two NFTs are the same, they cannot be traded on a one-to-one basis like fungible tokens or bank notes.

Authors of artwork or other digital documents mint NFTs, which become the only verifiably original version of the work, with all other copies being just that: copies. Get it? Probably not, but you will…

As a digital medium, NFTs lend themselves well to preserving and authenticating collectibles. For example, we could help you mint NFTs out of authentic collectible items, such as sports trading cards or autographed photos.

Interested to know more? Reach out….take the RED PILL!

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We're building ecosystems that will help business create advanced virtual economies with real world utility, through the power of blockchain technology.

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