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We work with SQUARE and work with you to create a custom online store
 that’s perfect for your business, brand and customers. We make every aspect of ecommerce easier for you and your customers.


Square Online accepts and manages orders, both online and in-person from back of house, front of house, social and mobile for today and tomorrow. Keep orders streamlined and in sync. We create integrations that work together to simplify your processes no matter how your customers want to place, pay or receive their orders.

Keep orders streamlined and in sync.

Square Online accepts and manages orders, both online and in-person from back of house, front of house, social and mobile for today and tomorrow.

Square products work together to simplify your processes no matter how your customers want to place, pay or receive their orders.


Serve up an unmatched customer experience.

Reordering is easy with app-like navigation

Delight customers with a personalised ordering experience that displays their recent orders, personal recommendations and more to boost reorders.

Open your site like an app

Create an icon with your logo that can be saved to a mobile phone. Customers can open your mobile ordering page from the icon to place an order – just like ordering on an app.

Businesses saw a 97% increase in sales with Square Online.

Launch a mobile-ready ordering page in minutes.

Build, style and launch – fast

Choose from a variety of tools to help automate creating your site, building your item catalogue and launching your online ordering page.

sqauure tab

Cater to the way customers want to do business with you.



Give customers the convenience to pick up orders for free. Flexible settings for fulfilment windows, order schedules and cut-off times keep your kitchen running smooth.


Provide more fulfilment options to your customers by offering local delivery powered by your in-house staff. If you choose to deliver orders to customers, a per order delivery fee will apply: 50c for in-house delivery or $1.50 for on-demand delivery.
Learn about delivery ->

Dine in

QR code ordering helps you offer high-quality service, even with limited staff. Print custom QR codes that correspond to each table, so customers can conveniently order, open a tab and pay directly from their phones.
Learn about QR code ordering ->

Restaurants that offer delivery increase sales by 93%.


Accept Square Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay for faster online checkout.


Reach more customers, get more orders.


Take orders from social media

Integrate Order with Google and Order Food features on Facebook and Instagram to let customers order directly from these popular online destinations.


Order with Google has driven more than two million customers to Square Online sellers. And that number grows every day.

Square Online Full Site

Get a complete ordering site with up to 5 pages customized to match your logo and brand. Accept payments, donations and/or appointments with a fully functioning website.

AUD $800 exc GST

Fixed price

What's included:

  • Website plan

After purchasing this package, your Square Expert will discuss your needs and finalize a plan for your website in the ‘Project’ space.

  • 7 - 21 production days

Once your website plan is finalized and your content is provided, it will take 7-21 days to complete the build of your website. The total time to deliver your website depends on how quickly you provide content and feedback.

  • Design concept with up to 3 revisions

Outside of small tweaks to copy and images, the overall design can be revised 3 times during the process. A revision isn't a complete change in direction, it's refining the design or structure of the site to meet your requirements.

  • 1 ordering site with up to 5 pages

Your Square Online website will include up to 5 pages set up to help you build your online presence and reach your audience. Your website will be tailored to meet your requirements, but typical pages tend to include: a Homepage welcoming visitors; an About page describing your business; a Product & Services page describing your offering; a Customer Testimonials page; and a Contact page where visitors can get in touch with you.

  • Ecommerce functionality

Your website will be set up to sell your products (items), take donations, or book appointments. This includes the creation of up to 50 new items or the import of up to 500 existing items, organized in up to 10 product categories.

  • Branding & layout

The look and layout of your single page store will be customized by a Square Expert to reflect your business's existing brand and develop a cohesive look.

  • Mobile optimized design

Your Square Online store will be designed so your customers can access the info they need on a phone or tablet.

  • Free domain

Your Expert will help you set the name of your free domain.

  • Published website

When your website is ready, your Expert will help you publish your site. If you have a custom domain, your Expert can help you connect it prior to publishing.

Things that might cost more outside of this package:

  • Extra items, modifiers, or categories

The products you offer for sale on Square Online are called items. A Square Expert can set up your items for you for an additional fee if you do not already have them added to your Square account. Setting up items includes:

• uploading existing item image(s)
• adding item information, fulfillment settings, item variations and category settings

Modifiers are a type of customization setting for your items. When applied, they can enable customers to tailor such things as spice level for their food or enter the name they want engraved on jewelry they are purchasing.

The cost depends on the number of items and variations that need to be set up and quotes should be discussed with your Expert.

  • Product photos

You will need to supply photos of the items you are selling. Alternatively, you can learn about the Square product photography service offering here.

  • Extra pages

This package includes up to 5 pages for your website. If you would like extra pages to provide more information about your business or additional functionality, discuss your requirements with your Square Expert and they will provide a quote.

  • SEO optimization

Increasing the discoverability of your website is a long term commitment. Basic SEO best practices will be adhered to in delivering the website. A more comprehensive SEO plan will require further engagement with an Expert.

  • Square Online subscription

Square Online supports a free plan but some site requirements, such as using a custom domain, require upgrading to a paid plan. Learn more about Square Online plans here.

  • Custom domain

Square Online offers a free domain name. But if you prefer to use a custom domain for your store starting at USD $12 per year, you can learn more here.

  • Extra eCommerce capability

Developing more advanced online stores and eCommerce capabilities will require more time from your Expert at an additional cost.

  • Square Online training

Through a 1 hour video call and screen share, an Expert will walk you through your Square Online site. The goal of this training is to familiarize you with all front and backend operations through the use of the Square Online Dashboard.

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