Here comes the BOOM, the NFT boom!

Big businesses are banking on the metaverse becoming as intertwined with society as websites and social media are currently. Back in the ’90s, businesses balked at the idea of having any sort of online presence.

Today, a business can’t survive without one. The metaverse has the potential to become the next commercial frontier. Are you ready to embrace it or does fit all seem ‘too hard?’

Here’s a good overview of what is coming, are you ready?


Is your brand ‘sticky’?

If you’re a restaurant owner stressing over your business’ struggling sales, diminishing demand and poor profitability it may be time to review your marketing strategy, your promotional activity and overall branding...

There are some fundamental questions that need to be answered when constructing a successful advertising campaign for your business. Would you like to see your brand grow? Would you like to increase walk-in traffic, carryout sales, keep existing customers coming back or attract new customers? How are you keeping your business top of mind? Is your brand sticky? Restaurants provide a place where guests can eat, drink, socialise, and relax, that's just on premises; what about take-out, delivery and the whole off premises experience... For restaurants to not only remain relevant but to stay top of mind they need to create brand awareness and build customer loyalty.

With so many dining options available, restauranteurs are up against plenty of competition to not only acquire new customers but to keep exisiting ones. This means that owners, young and old, must prioritize marketing to their customer base. But how?

Some restaurant marketing ideas include advertising, promotions, events, and other strategies. Furthermore, restaurants can attract new customers through advertising and word-of-mouth recommendations. Need a hand to get where you want and where your restaurant needs to be? Don't wait till it's too late, #getSMART and let's work together to #bulletproof your business...

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AUGUST 24TH 2022

Take back #control of all the #KAOS; it’s time to #getSMART

Introducing a world where tech-enabled, people powered food lockers offer convenience, ensure food quality and offer security in support of off-premises dining sales. Platform agnostic, the food lockers can work with proprietary or third-party POS systems and ordering systems.
They can eliminate mix-ups and mistakes in the pickup process since the doors can only be opened by a corresponding code provided to the person picking up the order, be it a customer or a delivery rider/driver. By installing hot, cold or ambient #smartlockers in a restaurant, cafe, shopping centre, apartment block or any communal space and creating a dedicated area for take-out orders, we will be changing the entire landscape from A-Z.
In a fast-casual/QSR setting, #smartlockers can eliminate any bottleneck in dine-in or counter service operations, cold food, incorrect order collection and so many other problems. In a customer setting #smartlockers will ensure the food delivery is housed safely, hygienically and at temp within the units, increasing the safety, quality and integrity of the final product. Imagine a #smartrestaurant with no more upset phone calls from customers who grabbed the wrong brown bag off of the shelf or counter because they couldn't read the receipt stapled to it. Imagine food kept at the perfect temp, be it cold, hot or ambient. What about delivery drivers finally being able to self manage pick ups with no chance of error, delays or confusion? Our #smartlockers can only be opened by the customer with the corresponding order code. It's as easy as 1-2-3; receive the SMS alert, scan the code and your locker will open. Once you take your food and close the door, the process is complete and begins again...completely integrated with POS, KDS and your operations system. A compact design allows you to elevate your take-out and delivery volume without taking away from the space needed for the rest of your operation. Our team at c51 Consulting will work with you to determine how many lockers, what bespoke configuration and what integrations you need to best suit your particular space.
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AUGUST 15TH 2022

It’s time to #getSMART with your packaging & your customer’s experience at home.

Given the shift in restaurant dining partners it’s incredible that restaurants are still forking out big bucks on fancy fit-outs, over the top capex and staff bonuses to lure staff in and not even considering that no matter what they think of it, there is no denying their business is at least 50% delivery and all customers get to see is the bag and packaging which is usually indistinct brown kraft packaging, a logo, possibly a delivery partner logo with oily fingerprints and a QR code to a website or a menu as an afterthought. What's the point of sticking a QR code on a bag or box to go to a website or menu if someone's just ordered and is eating?

Ever thought about asking how their meal was via a personal message, link to a google review or a bounce-back offer? Be creative; create something fun, engaging, memorable; communicate with your customer, make it personal, make it a conversation, let them know you appreciate their business and you look forward to serving them again, even if it's off premises and in their home. QR codes have been around for 10+ years and are nothing's what you do with them that counts, build your brand, acquire new customers, retain existing customers and innovate...  #getsmart #branding #smarttech #creative #smartrestaurants #smartcafes #packaging #restaurants

APRIL 2ND 2022

Popeyes Unveils New Digital-Centric Design as Growth Ramps Up

Simply doing what you've been doing will not work - READ THAT AGAIN... Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has been around for 50 years, today they are more relevant than ever, why?

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