July 30TH 2023

Step into the future of marketing!

🎯 Step into the future of marketing!

🔮 Unlock the power of augmented reality technology & engage customers like never before, creating immersive experiences that captivate and convert.

🚀 Elevate your brand, boost sales, and leave a lasting impression.

📈 Don't miss out on game-changing marketing advancements – talk to us & seize the moment and embrace AR today!

📱💡 #ARMarketing #Innovation #FutureTech Augmented Reality (AR) ‘games’ used as brand activations or campaigns are not really commercial "game" products which are sold as actual products to end consumers.

🕹 AR games are essentially ad campaigns created for and executed in the #metaverse.

🎮 Unlike regular marketing channels and traditional strategies this particular type of AR game can and does serve all 3 levels of marketing that are normally hit & miss, without clear data and becoming antiquated with all these advances in immersive, experiential and AI powered technology:

🎯 Top funnel awareness - if this game is promoted through print campaigns, PPC campaigns, socials, etc. then a lot of people would learn about the brand in a very personal and hands on way, while engaging with the game.

♠ Mid funnel engagement - while playing the game and interacting with the various collectable items, they would be engaging and learning about the different factors/advantages of the brand. Which will later increase brand stickiness & recall.

🎲 Bottom funnel conversion - the discount code that they can get when they reach the top of the hill, and grab the last collectable, that is the discount code, which will probably need to be redeemed within a certain time bracket, will lead to conversions.

🎱 Here are some examples of AR marketing strategies that we think offer some serious bang for buck and are poised to change the game completely: https://lnkd.in/gH65fv_Q

Here's an example of an AR game that is both simple to deploy and powerful to get your your brand & business across in an immersive, engaging & experiential way - 🎮 🕹 https://lnkd.in/gmBhHQUM 🎯 - check it out - 📲 - no app, no coding; nothing quite as powerful or engaging as augmented reality within virtual worlds within the Meta where business is there to be done... #letsGO!

July 16TH 2023


If you’re a crypto fan you’re gonna love this We’ve created an ecosystem that will allow access to advanced virtual economies through the power of blockchain technology and DIGITAL TOKENS. We’re giving away the first collection to celebrate our restaurant partners and our customers.

To receive yours hit the button below and join the revolution! But hurry, numbers are limited; first in, best dressed - you won’t wanna miss this one! FREE DIGITAL TOKEN, NFT & collectible subscription with FREE ACCESS TO MONTHLY DROPS, COLLECTIONS, NEWS & EXCLUSIVE CONTENT FREE to join: BUY, SELL, TRADE, COLLECT, PLAY, EARN, ENJOY powered by ENJIN SHOP LOCAL with BITE LOCAL

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May 16TH 2022

AI is OK

Running a successful restaurant, cafe, bar, club or food truck? Thinking of scaling but note sure how, what, when and why to do? 

With AI & machine learning clearly becoming more and more a part of our day to day, it’s time to consider how to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to help you streamline, scale and grow your business and brand 

We will help you systemise your operation, streamline the customer experience and scale your business effectively, leveraging the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to deliver personalised and consistent experiences at scale. 


1️⃣ Analyse customer data: Dive deep into your customer data to gain insights into their behaviours, preferences, and pain points. Uncover patterns and trends that will help you understand your target audience better. 

2️⃣ Implement AI-powered automation: Utilise AI tools and platforms to automate repetitive tasks, such as customer segmentation and personalised messaging. This will save you time, increase efficiency, and allow your team to focus on high-value activities, streamlining and growth. 

3️⃣ Personalise customer experiences: Leverage AI algorithms & machine learning to create personalized experiences for each customer. Tailor product recommendations, marketing messages & customer rewards based on individual preferences, history, and real-time behaviour. 

4️⃣ Continuous learning and optimisation: AI empowers you to continuously learn from customer interactions, enabling you to refine your strategies over time. Leverage machine learning algorithms to optimise your campaigns, improve conversion rates, and boost customer satisfaction. 

5️⃣ Build trust and transparency: Be transparent with your customers about the data you collect and how you use it to deliver personalised experiences. Ensure that privacy and security measures are in place to build trust and maintain ethical practices. 

By incorporating AI-driven personalisation into your scaling strategy, you'll not only enhance customer satisfaction but also drive revenue growth and gain a competitive edge in the market. 

Nothing changes if nothing changes; it’s time to #getSMART and focus on the future… 🚀🚀🚀 


’tis the season, to get creative…

Did you know that there are more than 800 food holidays throughout the year? Well. Now you do! If you’re looking for fresh, timely ways to run specials or feature particular menu items, look no further, your next promo is only a holiday away.

Here’s a list of ways you can take advantage of the food holidays in your restaurant marketing throughout the year.  It’s easy to forget about food holidays until it’s too late to add them to your marketing plan. That’s why it’s beneficial to look at all the upcoming holidays a few months in advance.

From there, you can strategically plan ways to show off certain menu items, highlight unique ingredients, and ultimately increase guest foot traffic.   Timely Promotions First, select the holidays you want to add to your marketing plan. Here are just a few things you can promote using food holidays.

Seasonal Items There are tons of holidays that feature seasonal foods. Did you know that Sep 18 is National Cheeseburger Day or that Feb 5 is World Nutella Day? There are so many more, these holidays are the perfect opportunity for your restaurant to feature seasonal menu items that are available for a limited time.

Unique Ingredients Do you import special ingredients? Do you work with a local farm for fresh produce or meat? Tons of food holidays focus on particular ingredients rather than a dish, such as National Strawberry Day, National Spinach Day, and National Herb Week. Use these holidays to highlight what’s so special about your ingredients.

Best-Sellers Is your restaurant known for a particular dish? Chances are, there’s a national food holiday for that dish. Turn it into a campaign for the week, highlighting why the dish is so popular and maybe even share a few raving reviews. This could be a great way to increase foot traffic for both new and existing customers. Conversely, you could go the opposite direction by featuring less popular menu items as a way to increase consideration with your existing customer base. Company Brand and Values Food holidays offer a unique way to highlight what your restaurant is all about. For example, a seafood restaurant who’s passionate about sustainable seafood would want to plan for World Oceans Day. A vegetarian restaurant would likely want to promote Vegetarian Awareness Week, etc etc…

Marketing Ideas Once you’ve selected the best holidays for your restaurant to take advantage of, incorporate them into your marketing plan. Here are a few ideas to support how to get the most out of your campaigns.

Email Email is alive and well and is still a great way to promote a discount or deal you want to offer on a food holiday. If you’re promoting a menu item that would only appeal to particular guests, segment your email list based on visit behaviour, reach out do see how easy we can make this for you to do. For example, suppose you’re promoting National Margarita Day and only want to send the email to your happy hour crowd, we can help you to send it to guests who visited your restaurant between 3-6 pm during weekdays. Get it? Advertising One of the most effective ways to get new guests through your doors is to market to people who resemble the ones already customers of your business. If you’re promoting a food holiday that highlights a popular menu item, chances are, there are a ton of potential guests out there who would love to try it.  Building a “lookalike” audience for your paid social or automated campaigns is simple if you already have an established database of your customers and their email addresses. If you’re interested in improving your customer contact collection rate, we’re just a click away, we can help with that too! Social Media When promoting a food holiday on social media, make sure to share it the day before or even a few times during the week leading up to the holiday. This will build anticipation and give guests time to share it with friends, hopefully making the day even more successful for you. Don’t forget to include enticing photos of your food!

Loyalty Program Incorporate food holidays into your loyalty program as a way to increase repeat business. One idea is to promote less popular menu items. For example, a restaurant struggling to sell desserts could promote their cake to Loyalty members through text or email, phrasing it as “It’s National Chocolate Cake Day! Have you tried our chocolate cake yet? We think you’d love it.” Any Questions? We’re only a click away - reach out for more info, a simple chat or just to say hello; we’re here to help, we’re here to support, we’re here for you.

November 8TH 2022

Get Smart Innovations

Here at Get Smart Innovations we specialize in restaurant & QSR automation bundles that increase revenue, decrease costs and allow data retention with marketing tools to leverage and grow your customer base!

See below a quote from Shake Shacks Q3 shareholder letter: *Shake-shack is now retrofitting all locations with self-service kiosks*

"Our kiosk channel is our highest profit margin channel and highest check-size channel. We find Shacks with kiosks to have better labor utilization rates than shacks without kiosks"


We provide cost effective & innovative solutions that can effectively turn any business looking to stay relevant and top of mind with customers into a streamlined, convenient & memorable experience. A common objection to kiosks or QR table order & pay is the loss of customer engagement & experience.

This is in-fact a myth and there are a couple of implementation plays to being successful in actually increasing your customer experience via automation & self serve ordering. You can go fully automated and just have 1 x "Greeter" saving wages on front of house staff at each location.

This allows a greeter to focus on service and customer experience and allows you as a business leader to have only the very best in this role! you can see how Brooklyn Dumpling shop takes it to the next level.

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop 2. You can supplement your existing systems and reduce table staff and FOH staff yet allow customers to order when they please. This avoids customers waiting for service to order drinks and will increase you AOV and customer spend! + you get to retain further customer data! We can help in the following ways & more:

Allow customers to order ahead or delivery from your own branded app Supply self-service kiosks with up-sell technology and data retention tools Smart pick up & delivery lockers Integrated order management & analytics to manage your BOH Full design and scope end to end with concierge management Please reach out for a no-obligation discovery session and quote to save cash & increase revenue!


Front Of House

Big businesses are banking on the metaverse becoming as intertwined with society as websites and social media are currently. Back in the ’90s, businesses balked at the idea of having any sort of online presence. Today, a business can’t survive without one. The metaverse has the potential to become the next commercial frontier.

Introducing FRONT of house - https://foh.xyz/

Off menu digital collectables, created by restaurant lovers for restaurant lovers, we take the signature items from your favorite spots + turn them into one-of-a-kind collectibles designed to let you wine and dine, online. Is this the future of online dining? Think of digital collectibles as virtual merch but without the overhead. Instead of making tote bags or t-shirts, FOH create and manage collections of one-of-a-kind digital art, that cater directly to your best guest.

Contact us now for more information and to see how working with c51 consulting can catapult your business into the metaverse


Here comes the BOOM, the NFT boom!

Big businesses are banking on the metaverse becoming as intertwined with society as websites and social media are currently. Back in the ’90s, businesses balked at the idea of having any sort of online presence.

Today, a business can’t survive without one. The metaverse has the potential to become the next commercial frontier. Are you ready to embrace it or does fit all seem ‘too hard?’

Here’s a good overview of what is coming, are you ready?


Is your brand ‘sticky’?

If you’re a restaurant owner stressing over your business’ struggling sales, diminishing demand and poor profitability it may be time to review your marketing strategy, your promotional activity and overall branding...

There are some fundamental questions that need to be answered when constructing a successful advertising campaign for your business. Would you like to see your brand grow? Would you like to increase walk-in traffic, carryout sales, keep existing customers coming back or attract new customers? How are you keeping your business top of mind? Is your brand sticky? Restaurants provide a place where guests can eat, drink, socialise, and relax, that's just on premises; what about take-out, delivery and the whole off premises experience... For restaurants to not only remain relevant but to stay top of mind they need to create brand awareness and build customer loyalty.

With so many dining options available, restauranteurs are up against plenty of competition to not only acquire new customers but to keep exisiting ones. This means that owners, young and old, must prioritize marketing to their customer base. But how?

Some restaurant marketing ideas include advertising, promotions, events, and other strategies. Furthermore, restaurants can attract new customers through advertising and word-of-mouth recommendations. Need a hand to get where you want and where your restaurant needs to be? Don't wait till it's too late, #getSMART and let's work together to #bulletproof your business...

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AUGUST 24TH 2022

Take back #control of all the #KAOS; it’s time to #getSMART

Introducing a world where tech-enabled, people powered food lockers offer convenience, ensure food quality and offer security in support of off-premises dining sales. Platform agnostic, the food lockers can work with proprietary or third-party POS systems and ordering systems.
They can eliminate mix-ups and mistakes in the pickup process since the doors can only be opened by a corresponding code provided to the person picking up the order, be it a customer or a delivery rider/driver. By installing hot, cold or ambient #smartlockers in a restaurant, cafe, shopping centre, apartment block or any communal space and creating a dedicated area for take-out orders, we will be changing the entire landscape from A-Z.
In a fast-casual/QSR setting, #smartlockers can eliminate any bottleneck in dine-in or counter service operations, cold food, incorrect order collection and so many other problems. In a customer setting #smartlockers will ensure the food delivery is housed safely, hygienically and at temp within the units, increasing the safety, quality and integrity of the final product. Imagine a #smartrestaurant with no more upset phone calls from customers who grabbed the wrong brown bag off of the shelf or counter because they couldn't read the receipt stapled to it. Imagine food kept at the perfect temp, be it cold, hot or ambient. What about delivery drivers finally being able to self manage pick ups with no chance of error, delays or confusion? Our #smartlockers can only be opened by the customer with the corresponding order code. It's as easy as 1-2-3; receive the SMS alert, scan the code and your locker will open. Once you take your food and close the door, the process is complete and begins again...completely integrated with POS, KDS and your operations system. A compact design allows you to elevate your take-out and delivery volume without taking away from the space needed for the rest of your operation. Our team at c51 Consulting will work with you to determine how many lockers, what bespoke configuration and what integrations you need to best suit your particular space.
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AUGUST 15TH 2022

It’s time to #getSMART with your packaging & your customer’s experience at home.

Given the shift in restaurant dining partners it’s incredible that restaurants are still forking out big bucks on fancy fit-outs, over the top capex and staff bonuses to lure staff in and not even considering that no matter what they think of it, there is no denying their business is at least 50% delivery and all customers get to see is the bag and packaging which is usually indistinct brown kraft packaging, a logo, possibly a delivery partner logo with oily fingerprints and a QR code to a website or a menu as an afterthought. What's the point of sticking a QR code on a bag or box to go to a website or menu if someone's just ordered and is eating?

Ever thought about asking how their meal was via a personal message, link to a google review or a bounce-back offer? Be creative; create something fun, engaging, memorable; communicate with your customer, make it personal, make it a conversation, let them know you appreciate their business and you look forward to serving them again, even if it's off premises and in their home. QR codes have been around for 10+ years and are nothing new...it's what you do with them that counts, build your brand, acquire new customers, retain existing customers and innovate...  #getsmart #branding #smarttech #creative #smartrestaurants #smartcafes #packaging #restaurants

APRIL 2ND 2022

Popeyes Unveils New Digital-Centric Design as Growth Ramps Up

Simply doing what you've been doing will not work - READ THAT AGAIN... Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has been around for 50 years, today they are more relevant than ever, why?

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